What the Parent Support Group (PSG) is all About

PSG-logoPSG exists to give parents an opportunity to come alongside the school personnel and staff to support their efforts in educating our children.

Throughout the years, we have seen a wide variety of parental talent that has been so valuable in making PSG successful. One of our primary functions is fundraising. A strong PSG, combined with the generosity of our school families, has provided countless opportunities for our students. We may be a small school…but we are full of families with big hearts. Last year, PSG raised about $25,000!

Have you ever wondered how PSG funds specifically support our school and students? There are many areas where PSG is providing the funding for enrichment of our children. One of those areas is field trips! Our classrooms get the opportunity to take many field trips throughout the year. PSG pays for those so we as parents don’t have to.

  • Here are just a few more programs PSG monies support:
  • Meet the Masters ($2,000)
  • Traveling Science and Walk-Through programs ($2,000)
  • Reading enrichment program ($1000)
  • ACSI Convention and other professional training ($2,000)
  • The music program festivals and sheet music ($2,000)
  • The consumable curriculum (about $5,000)

As a school, we try to limit our fundraising. The Jog-A-Thon is our primary fundraiser. We encourage all our families to get involved in this exciting event each year! Last year, the Jog-A-Thon raised almost $18,000! YOU all make that happen…THANK YOU.

In addition to the Jog-A-Thon, we have a few things going on throughout the year to continue to build PSG funds, but in a way to provide opportunities for our families as well as some fun for our kids. Some of our on-going fundraisers are scrip, PSG lunches and restaurant nights.

We will also have a couple other small fundraiser opportunities throughout the year. Keep on the look out for more information. Thank you, again, to all our families for supporting PSG through your generosity of time and money.